Chart Of The "Recovery": GDP vs Market Capitalization Since "The Lows"

“Much has been said, and even more has been written about the reasons and causes why five years after the start of the last  recession, and four years after its purported end, the US economy continues to act as if it were still in the second worst depression (for now) in history [5], and which without the Fed’s ongoing support four years after the “end” of the aforementioned “recession” would be in all out collapse. Of course, the same can not be said about the US stock market, which now hits new record highs on a daily basis.

We won’t add to the compendium of hollow and largely worthless opinions on the matter – the Fed’s central planning regime will go on for as long as it can, at which point it will end – but we will show the one chart which confirms without a doubt just who has benefited from the Fed’s historical balance sheet expansion, from the status quo’s so-called “trickle down”, from the global central banks’ unprecedented reflationary experiment, and from the failed Keynesian voodoo cult’s all-in gamble to preserve a failed economic religion and middle-to-upper class wealth redistribution strategy.”


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