The New Way To Invest In Real Estate

The New Way To Invest In Real Estate:

Buy Prime Real Estate, 4% Net Yield PLUS 12% to 26.4% Additional Income Per Year

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Why Diversify With Real Estate?


= the purchasing power of $1 from just 44 years ago.

Wealth Devaluation

= the heart of Central Bank monetary policy worldwide.

3 out 5 People

will run out of money in retirement according to a study by Ernst & Young.

$200 Trillion

= global debt, excluding unfunded liabilities. It will never be paid back and inflating is the only solution. It’s no longer just a USA problem, which holds $18 Trillion of debt. More debt, more currency in circulation, more currency devaluation equals less paper money value & higher Gold & Silver prices. 

12%-30% Cash-Flow Income

Real Estate provides a cash-flow income and now with our way of using Real Estate, you’ll be making more income than ever with Real Estate.


Real Estate has been the number 1 asset class for maintaining, storing and passing wealth on through generations. It will continue to be as people respect the power of the real estate. If you plan on passing any wealth on, Real Estate is a must for your portfolio.

And, with our unique strategy, you can now
buy Prime Real Estate, get a net income of 4% and get
an additional passive income of 12% t0 26.4% per year.

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I believe “wealth” allows us & our families the chance to use the resources we have to grasp the experiences and opportunities we wish to when they arise. For these moments it’s crucial to invest defensively, safely & strategically. We believe the most urgent goal must be to protect and expand the purchasing power of your current wealth, not to risk everything for a potential return. – Minesh Bhindi

How Investment Losses Happen

Choosing High Risk Investments

Most people choose high risk investments they just don’t understand.

Chase The Opportunity

Chasing an opportunity means you’re never where most wealth is made, ahead of the curve.

Continuously Readjusting Strategy

Panic, fear, greed overrules sound fundamental rules and continuous adjustment of the strategy almost guarantees losses.

High Leverage

Using high leverage can force you to take actions you don’t want to. Like selling an investment before it’s time for profit has come.

No Support

Investing is lonely and when you don’t have someone consistently making sure you’re on track and doing the right thing, it can cause big losses.

Misguided “Guru’s”

Unrealistic earnings, misunderstood risks and short lived strategies are desirable to promote because of the fee they generate. The truth is, this only costs you money.

Why Our Clients Succeed

Powerfully Simple Strategy

It takes only 6 hours to learn and we have people from all ages, all backgrounds and all experiences profiting with this. It takes only 20 minutes a month to manage and turns Real Estate into a stress-free powerful, high income generating strategy.

Unbeatable Asset Quality

Real Estate provide a solid foundation and have never been beaten as safe stores of money in the long term. We don’t speculate for short term gains.

The Best Support In The World

Every client gets access to a weekly Q&A call with Minesh personally to discuss the market and their options. There’s no charge and no limit to the number of calls you can attend.

The Strategy

Step 1:

Buy Real Estateinstitutionstion’s. This means Prime Real Estate, from anywhere in the world, instantly diversified and start receiving a roughly 4% per year net dividend.

Step 2:

Cash-flow your Real Estate with our cash-flow strategy, used by clients in 46 countries, to generate an additional 12% to 26.4% per year passive income.

Step 3:

Compound. The goal is to acquire as much Real Estate as possible in your portfolio by leveraging the returns your current portfolio is generating.

How Safe Is Your Money?



The FDIC insurance fund holds $25bn to cover $9,283bn of deposits. That’s 0.2% of your savings left for you if your bank goes bust. And there is no law that requires the government to fund the insurance scheme if it goes bust. The numbers are shockingly similar for all deposit protection schemes internationally.

Paper Money
vs Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the premier investment classes as a hedge against the devaluation of paper money. As long as we know that Paper Money exists in a devaluable form, Real Estate will be an amazing investment.

Real Inflation
– 9.6%

ShadowStats reveals that real inflation is at 9.6% using the calculation methods prior to 1980. If you’re not set up to make 10% a year, you’re going backwards in terms of quality of life.

The Philosophy Behind Our Principles


We call it the Wealth Triangle Philosophy. It’s been the hidden pattern of all wealth ever created in history, regardless of the asset cycle. It has 3 fundamental core’s:


Buy Asset Below Market Value

We firmly believe you make your money when you buy. So we want to buy at the best price possible. Prices most retail buyers never even get to see.

Cash-Flow During Ownership

Without cash-flow it can become hard to own the asset during cyclical declines, so we want to use any and all methods to safely turn our asset into an income generating investment.

Buy More Of The Asset With Cash-Flow

Compounding allows you to accelerate the growth of your wealth by leveraging the returns of the money already hard at work for you.

When all these core’s are active, your wealth building turns into a very automatic process, gains momentum, speeds up and soon is just as easy as breathing, the only question is, what’s the right asset class?

Right For You?

$5,000 Minimum
Starting Investment

In order to test it adequately we suggest this initial investment. This strategy is not for those without any starting capital.

6-12 Hours
Learning Time

To learn the basics of the strategy followed by management at 20 minutes per month & Weekly Q&A Calls at 15-60 minutes a week.

Totally In
Your Control

We don’t manage your funds, we never have access to your accounts, we simply teach you the strategy that’s worked for us and hundreds of clients around the world.


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“Statistics show it’s not “high risk” but rather safe, defensive
investing that’s responsible for 98% of all profits. When you
combine learning time, management time, historic safety of
Gold & Silver & the ongoing support we provide to clients,
I think it’s hard to beat what we’ve created.”
– Minesh Bhindi
Wealth Manager

The New Way To Invest In Real Estate:

Buy Prime Real Estate, 4% Net Yield PLUS 12% to 26.4% Additional Income Per Year

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